Sunday, February 6, 2011


Several months ago, our customer Hanh from Dallas TX has ordered a Chinese dragon necklace :
it was a first time and a challenge for us, so we agreed to make it, but absolutely didn't know how 
it would look like !
Necklace is finished with a the perfect timing as it is Chinese New Year : there were some celebrations in Chinatown in Paris, so we took the necklace there to take some pictures.
We have 2 Chinatown in Paris, the big one is located in the XIII th area, and the second one, much smaller, is at Belleville subway station, that is where we went today.
The place was very crowded, there was a huge dragon ready to leave and go around Paris, to end
Place de l'Hotel de Ville in the center this evening, where a party and folkloric dances should take place !
Here are some pictures of the event...and the Chinese dragon necklace !
You can click on each picture to enlarge them..

Little Chinatown is located at the bottom of 'rue de Belleville', which is a very long street, going up a hill.
Poster advertizing the event in Belleville area

Getting married today is certainly a good luck for the newly wed !

We met Lillian in the street, she tried the dragon necklace on ! Thanks Lillian for being a top model today !:))

Here are more pictures of our Hanna Bernhard Chinese dragon necklace, can't wait to see it on Hanh !
Hanh is gorgeous and has a beautiful blog, click on the link if you wish to see it : lifeintravel

       Happy Chinese New Year to all !:)))