Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hello everyone :)

Several months ago, Martina from Germany asked us to create a matriochka necklace, this was very special for her because of her Russian origins.
She sent me a picture of some wooden matriochka dolls, I sent her back a sketch, and we started to work.

Here is the post she did about it on her blog The little fashion treasury, and also another picture of her wearing it : Martina never shows herself on her blog so I was really touched to see her lovely face there for the fist time :)

Wishing you all a happy week end !


  1. Awww :)
    I wish I could tell the world how much I LOOOOOOOOOVE this necklace dear Nathalie! It´s so special to me and I feel blessed to know you!
    Always afraid seeing my face :))

    Have a lovely sunday ahead and thanks for this sweet feature!!!

  2. hi this is really beautiful necklace.. wooo

  3. Matriochka dolls are cute and beautiful as decors or toys, and in this case, part of necklace. The doll itself holds smaller doll inside until the smallest doll is revealed.
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  4. Creative! the matriochka doll is one of the most notable cultural piece of Russia.

  5. I'm madly in love with this beautiful matryoshka necklace, is it possible for me to order one? Please say you can make me one as well. as I have an obsession with Russian dolls I collect them. And I really really really love this beauty . Hope you can help me out here.
    Thank you and I'll be waiting for your kind reply