Sunday, September 11, 2011


While in Nice this Summer, we went to visit the wonderful St Nicolas church, which is 150 years old.
There is a big Russian community in Nice, so I guess the church -which is even called a 'cathedral'- is very active !
Unfortunately it is forbidden to take pictures inside..
I played with one of our pictures and added some of our Hanna Bernhard crosses, one is actually shaped as an Orthodox Russian cross, I will add close up pictures further down in this post. 
By the way this cross was pulled out by Vogue France magazine recently, we hope to see it in a future edtion, of course I will write a post about it when and if-  it comes out !

During our Summer cruise we stopped in Odessa -Ukrainia-, so I will also add a few pictures of this beautiful city !

Have a nice day !:)))
You can click on pictures to enlarge them..

St Nicolas Russian church in Nice France with Hanna Bernhard crosses

Old French post card of St Nicolas Russian Church in Nice France

Hanna Bernhard Russian cross necklace

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Judy Aldridge from blog Atlantishome collects our pieces since several years.
Recently she had ordered a mouse pin, she showed this picture on her site, I am adding a few close up pics that we had taken before sending it.

You can click on pictures to enlarge them..
Have a happy day !

Judy Aldridge wearing Hanna Bernhard mouse pin

HB mouse pin with our cat Grisbi :)