Friday, December 30, 2011


   We wish you all a wonderful year 2012 !:)
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I have discovered Leonardo Gonçalves a few years ago, I love his voice and emotions.
Leonardo is Brazilian and sings songs from all religions.
I love everything he sings, this video is

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

Jerusalem, a holly city for all religions..


Hello everyone :)

Martina from Germany -and Mietz, her little plush cat- have a nice fashion blog called The little fashion treasury

Several months ago she ordered a lion necklace from us, which we shipped just before Xmas.

Martina just did a post about it on her blog, here is her post in its integrality.

I hope you'll all have fun tomorrow night for New Year eve party !:))

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And this is Mietz wearing a Hanna Bernhard bat cuff !:))

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hello everyone,

I hope that your Christmas was filled with joy and love !:)

Yesterday I did some window shopping at 'Le Printemps' department store in Paris, Chanel decorations are fabulous, so I have thought you would enjoy to see some of it if you didn't get the chance to go !

There are several windows including 2012 cruise collection, a window with Venizia theme, one for Russia, and one for China and the year of the dragon which is approaching.

I am also including some of our Hanna Bernhard pieces in between, you will understand why :)

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Have a happy day !

Le Printemps department store in Paris with Christmas lights

Le Printemps store is a fab Art Nouveau building

Chanel 2012 cruise collection

Chanel 2012 cruise collection

Chanel jewelry with Gabrielle Coco Chanel portrait

Heron bird in Chanel cruise window
Hanna Bernhard Paris heron bird head pin

Bolchoi ballerinas in Chanel Russian theme window

Chanel window Venizian theme, with big lion head which is one of Chanel emblems
Hanna Bernhard lion necklace

Silver eagle in Chanel Venizian window
Hanna Bernhard eagle head pins, Barbara Berger collection

Detail of Chanel draperie necklace

Detail of Chanel manchette bracelet in Venizian window

Detail of Chanel red quilted purse with lion design in Venizian window

Chanel bracelets and necklace in Venizian window

Chanel Chinese theme window, year of the Dragon ---my favorite :)

Grey crowned crane bird in Chanel Asian window
Hanna Bernhard Paris grey crowned crane bird pin

Detail of Chanel hair ornement in Chinese window

Detail of Chanel Chinese dragon and red enameled Asian style pins
Hanna Bernhard Paris Chinese dragon necklace --Hanh Merriman collection
Chanel Chinese doll purse : ahhhhh I love it !:)))))