Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last month, while in Dallas area, we went to have sushis at Koji san SUSHI ZONE restaurant in Arlington.
When we go to Texas we have to eat there at least once, we are addicted to Japanese food and I am very serious, Koji's rolls are the best ones we have ever had !
Koji is an artist, even the rolls names are poetic : 'Hawaian lullaby', 'Dancing et nino' and much more !
We also love his banana roll desert with vanilla ice cream !!!!!!
Beside that, he is the most adorable man, so we had decided to make a Samourai business card holder for his restaurant...I think he liked it :)

You can click on pictures to enlarge them..

Here are some pictures of Sushi Zone restaurant, Koji san, and the Samourai display..

       Hanna Bernhard Samourai business card holder

         This is the link to Koji's restaurant SUSHI ZONE

Monday, March 14, 2011


Barbara Berger from Mexico is one of the world biggest costume jewelry collector.
Several years ago, in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, she did an exhibit of her collection at the 'Musée des Arts decoratifs' in Paris.
-For this event book was published, I will give you all infos about it at the end of post-.

A couple of weeks ago, the Franz Mayer museum of Mexico was holding a new exhibit with her collections :
costume jewelry but also furnitures, statues, porcelains, purses and more.

Barbara has been collecting our pieces since years so some of them were shown there, we are very proud of it :)

Here are some pictures of the show, it looks fantastic, congratulations Barbara !:)))))))
You can click on pictures to enlarge them..

                         The Franz Mayer museum

Manequin with Hanna Bernhard snake necklaces

Case with Hanna Bernhard pins and cuff bracelets : eagles, bear with balloon, zebra,
flamingo, cuff with ladybug or baroque style designs.

Iraj Moini jewelry
Close up pictures of some of Barbara Berger's Hanna Bernhard pieces

  Cover of Citizen k magzine with jewelry from Barbara's Berger collection

Book published for Barbara Berger's costume jewelry collection exhibit at the 'Musée des Arts décoratifs'.
This book is available in French and English.

Title : Luxe et fantaisie / bijoux de la collection Barbara Berger

Author : Deanna Farneti Cera

Éditor : NORMA (PARIS)

Another book, published in Spanish in 2000 :
Landucci Editores, 2000.

Added on March the 16th :
Several of you have asked me for more pictures and close up of the Franz Mayer show, so here they are !:)

Here are some FABULOUS MASKS :



                             And MORE JEWELRY !:)

                     Jewelry by Coppola and Toppo, Italy

Modernist jewelry

                        Goossens pins and more

A Hanna Bernhard bat pin from Barbara Berger's collection 
Barbara looooves bats :)