Sunday, December 12, 2010


Just back from a trip to Sri Lanka and already so inspired by the beauties we have seen there !
Be prepared to see more elephants, buddhas and monkeys in our future jewelry collection !:)
As you will see, one of our snake necklace has traveled with us !
You can click on pictures if you want to enlarge them..

                Hand painted wooden mask with naja snakes

Nice lady at the tea factory

Buddha sitting under a giant naja snake

         ELEPHANTS are everywhere, in nature, temples, arts..

Batik fabrics

                        Hanna Bernhard elephant necklace

                 Hanna Bernhard elephant pin

                            Hanna Bernhard elephant pin

Hanna Bernhard elepant necklace

Hanna Bernhard elephant pin

Srilankan Elephant statue with 18 kt gold and semi precious stones ornaments


Wooden carved hand painted mask

Batik fabric

Hanna Bernhard peacock pins

Sri lanka airlines stewardesses with peacok
design suits


                         Hanna Bernhard monkey necklace

                          Hanna Bernhard monkey pins

                             WATER BUFFALOS in the rice fields

                 Hanna Bernhard buffalo necklace



And now more pictures of our trip : Buddhas and monks, tea plantation, fruits and flowers and more..

                                        Tea plantation..

                                 Plants, fruits and flowers..

                                                 Betel leaves

        Balise flower and Hanna Bernhard balise flower pin

                                      Coconuts and mangos

Jack fruits and pinapples

            and MORE.


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