Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last month, while in Dallas area, we went to have sushis at Koji san SUSHI ZONE restaurant in Arlington.
When we go to Texas we have to eat there at least once, we are addicted to Japanese food and I am very serious, Koji's rolls are the best ones we have ever had !
Koji is an artist, even the rolls names are poetic : 'Hawaian lullaby', 'Dancing et nino' and much more !
We also love his banana roll desert with vanilla ice cream !!!!!!
Beside that, he is the most adorable man, so we had decided to make a Samourai business card holder for his restaurant...I think he liked it :)

You can click on pictures to enlarge them..

Here are some pictures of Sushi Zone restaurant, Koji san, and the Samourai display..

       Hanna Bernhard Samourai business card holder

         This is the link to Koji's restaurant SUSHI ZONE

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