Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I hope that you all had a nice Christmas !:) 

Here are some Christmas tree pins that we have made along the years.
Some of them were designed for a special project called 'Christmas trees around the word' !

The Hanna Bernhard lemur in our Xmas tree is an order from Jane and Judy Aldridge of blogs seaofshoes and Atlantis home, it is not finished yet but we have started to set the stones as you can tell on the picture..

                  Here are some Hanna Bernhard tree pins...

Jane Massey -Dallas dealer- wearing a Hanna Bernhard white Christmas tree pin

This Hanna bernhard tree pin belongs to Adam from London, a big Christmas jewelry collector !

                     Adam wearing a part of his collection :)

Hanna Bernhard Christmas tree pin from India with elephant

We create a display for most of our pieces so customers can enjoy their jewelry
as a decorative object when they don't wear them : here is a picture of this Indian
Christmas tree pin on its display, including tree and tiger.

Pagoda shaped Hanna Bernhard Christmas tree pin from China

        Eiffel tower shaped Christmas tree pin from Paris France

       Hanna Bernhard boot shaped Christmas tree from Texas Usa
         -second picture, same pin on its display-.

Hanna Bernhard pyramid shaped Christmas tree pin from Egypt.
Pin is enameled and includes art deco glass elements, vintage stampings of King Tut. 

Hanna Bernhard top of Chrysler Building shaped christmas tree pin from New York Usa

Oriental hand shaped Hanna Bernhard Christmas tree pin; second picture pin on its display : when placed on it, hand wears a bracelet :)

And finally, a Christmas tree pin -and the 1st pin- made our son Samuel, 
so don't ask me why it is my favorite !:)

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