Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today I was reading a comment on Hanh Merriman's blog lifeintravel, on the post that she made with one of our turtle pins -on April the 11th-. Someone said that we are just making pieces for special bloggers or customers. The fact is that we make jewelry for ANYBODY and not for special people.  
If anyone wants to order a piece from us, they are very welcome !:)
You can write to us through our site or directly to our address :
Now why we never have many pieces offered for sale online ? it is because we are just 2 working, our pieces are entirely hand made so they take a lot of our time, so we never get to have a big stock ahead of us.
For any order we will need a minimum of one month to make it, sometimes 2, depending on actual orders.
We can make anything -or almost -, and we are more than happy to take challenges !:)

Ok so now back to todays' post !

Nancee from Canada has first purchased a blue lobster pin from us ONLINE :). Then she went back to the colors that she likes the most : BLACK AND WHITE !
So here are some pieces of her collection, including her last order, a black and white snake, that she will get soon as it is on its way to Canada !:) 
Hope to get some pictures of Nancee with it, she will be wearing it for a big party on the 20th !
You can click on pictures to enlarge them..

                                     Hanna Bernhard jelly fish pin
                                Hanna Bernhard jelly fish pin on its display
                                 Hanna Bernhard prawn pin on its display
                             Hanna Bernhard snake necklace

 You can wear it in many different positions as this necklace is also a huuuuuuge pin !:)

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