Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have first heard about Ari's blog ADVANCED STYLE on French TV several months ago : it was like love at first sight ! So I went on internet to have a look at it, now it is on my blog roll -and I just have 4 :).
Ari is a photographer from NY who 'hunts' in the streets for ladies with what he calls 'Advanced style': fun ladies, ladies with passions. Reading his blog gives you energy !
So I wrote Ari to compliment him, would send him articles talking about his work each time that one was showing up here in France. Also introduced him to Iris Apfel, who he interviewed later on.
He is in Paris this week, to do a video with one of our TV Chanel, Canal +, so he wrote to me and asked whether I knew ladies with 'advanced style'. I said 'the only one of my area is my mother', which is true: she is 71, still looks like a young fashionata, she is fun, talks to everybody and has sooooo much energy !
Ari came to visit our place and shot my mother in the streets and in the park near our place.
We have had so much fun ! and Ari is the most charming man :)
Here is the post he did about it several days ago on his blog Advanced style -he will do a bigger one when he goes back to NY-, picture of Ari shooting my mom and picture of a French magazines talking about his work.
Of course my mother wears our Hanna Bernhard jewelry :), lobster pin and pierrot necklace.

You can click on images to enlarge them.

Articles published in 'POINT DE VUE' and 'L'EXPRESS' magazines

Hanna Bernhard pieces worn for photo shoot : pierrot necklace and lobster pin


  1. Your mom looks great, really young and vibrant.

  2. Wonderful! I love his blog. I think he lives in my neighborhood on the upper west side of NY.

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