Tuesday, October 11, 2011


If you live in Australia you know how hard it is to find good vintage couture pieces over there !

Shannyn and mother Terry have recently opened a store in very chic area of Melbourne, South Yarra:

Parisian Street Society
 Shop 7, 101-105 Toorak Road, South Yarra Arcade, South Yarra. Victoria, Australia.

 Adventure really started with Terry collecting early on and then going to Paris so often and seeing all those little shops selling Vintage Jewellery, Shannyn has always wanted to open a little store exactly like the ones she had seen in Paris. It was a vision of hers for many years. She studied Fine Arts at University, so she has an eye for good quality unusual items.  She really loves her designer luxury labels. 

Before opening the boutique Shannyn worked in a department store in the cosmetics department as a makeup artist. 
Both have been going to the markets and the vide greniers for years, just collecting with the vision of always wanting to open a boutique as there is nothing in Melbourne like this, and this is exactly what Melbourne needed !!! Shannyn sells Chanel, Dior, YSL, Hermes, Lanvin, KJL, VRBA, HANNA BERNHARD, Inna Cytrine, Lots of Lagerfeld and Lacroix, Givenchy, and a few other Paris designers.  
They try to keep it mainly French, therefore the name of the boutique Parisian street society, which to Shannyn conjures up thoughts of the chic Parisian girls wandering the streets looking so effortlessly chic and trendy. 
They also sell other french labels such as Annick Goutal Perfume, New clothing which includes, Isabel Marant, Zadig et Voltaire, The Kooples, and Vanessa Bruno.
You will also find vintage designer sunglasses from the 60's 70's and 80's which they collected when they were in Paris. All vintage with new lenses !

Olivia Newton John -from the movie Grease- is one of their customers !!

Parisian street Society is already advertized in top magazines and promiss to be the high end address in Melbourne for fabulous couture jewelry and accessories during the years to come !

Here are some pictures of the store, area, some borrowed from another blog ladymelbourne, who did an article about Shannyn. 
Also pictures of Tansie -Australian model- wearing Hanna Bernhard pieces available for sale at Parisian Street Society.
Hanna Bernhard jewelry has also be seen in Australian magazines worn by Anna Plunkett -designer of 'Romance was born'-, and singer actress Dannii Minogue.

Shannyn -in pink- with ladymelbourne blogger
Parisian Street Society Store, Melbourne Australia

Hanna Bernhard inuit necklace and embellished black resin cuff bracelet, under glass dome
Hanna Bernhard baroque cross necklace on neck display

Hanna Bernhard cross necklace worn by Australian model Tansie

Hanna Bernhard inuit necklace and cuff bracelet with sun design

Australian model Tansie with Hanna Bernhard inuit necklace

Hanna Bernhard heart necklace worn by Australian model Tansie

Hanna Bernhard jeweled resin cuff bracelets available at Parisian Street Society, Melbourne Australia

Danni Minogue wearing Hanna Bernhard Aztec inspiration necklace
                   Parisian Street Society
 Shop 7, 101-105 Toorak Road, South Yarra Arcade, 
South Yarra. Victoria, Australia.

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  1. Woow, What an amazing store! Congrats to you Nathalie!!
    The first picture is so fun and the rest simple too amazing.
    Have a beautiful day ahead in Paris. We have so much rain here right now!

    Happy early wednesday morning wishes!!!